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At Padraic it is our primary objective to create synergic benefits within your organisation to enhance your information technology capabilities and integrate them with your unique business strategies.

We offer a comprehensive range of tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

Services are complementary and scaleable, meaning no matter how big (or small) your project – we deliver an excellent end product.

We seek to create lasting relationships rather than just to deliver on short term projects.

We have diverse skills in our team with specialist knowledge.


Your website is a crucial part of your business.

Millions of people use the internet everyday to find products and services. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your website looks professional, particularly in this day and age where your online reputation is very important.

Having your website designed by a reputable firm such as Padraic will make your online business more successful.

When a website is professionally designed, it will rank higher on Google and other search engines.

Many more people will be able to visit and buy your goods or use your services, earning you more money.

Benefits of having a professional website designed for your business:

1. More sales results in greater profitability.

Professional website designers create fresh designs for your website. This makes your website both visually pleasing and increases your conversion rate. This encourages your clients to buy more products from your website, increasing the amount of sales you will make, earning you more profit.

2. Your business will gain more consumer trust

In every business – consumer trust is very important. There is no better way to enhance it than with a professional website. We therefore strongly recommend having your website professionally designed by reliable firm like Padraic, this will provide you with an opportunity to earn consumer trust effortlessly. People will not have doubts in buying goods on your website using their credit cards or using any other form of payment

3. A professional website will get you more business

A professional website typically loads much faster and is better organized. This will aid your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and will give you a high ranking on the search engines such as Google. This will help your visitors find you easily on the internet and navigate your site with no hassle.

In conclusion, if you need a website for your online business it should be a professional website. It will attract more visitors, and will make your website have higher rankings on Google.

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