COVID-19 Level 3 Travel Requirements Between Provinces South Africa Updated 8 June 2020

COVID-19 Level 3 Travel Requirements Between Provinces South Africa [Updated 8 June 2020]

Air Travel requirements June 2020 South Africa between Provinces

As domestic business travellers, in ever increasing numbers, take to the skies again in the coming weeks there is a lot of confusion as to what its required.

– The DA has accused the South African Government of preventing an inbound repatriation flight from Europe containing South Africans desperate to return home.

– Relatively unknown CemAir reportedly carried business passengers up and down on the Johannesburg (O.R. Tambo) to Cape Town route.

– Other local Airlines have indicated they will commence their service in the week ahead. 

So, if you are needing to travel between provinces and your preferred mode of transport is relatively quick and easy Air travel, you need to be aware that that airlines have laid out what will be required and what passengers can expect. 

NOTE: The first 4 items apply to all forms of travel across provincial borders.

  • Each passenger needs to be in possession of a Travel Permit issued to the traveller by the company.
  • A separate letter has to be provided by the employer granting authorisation to the employee to travel on business purposes*.
  • An acceptable form of ID will have to be presented.
  • All passengers have to be wearing the required facial covering.
  • No food or drink will be served on board and passengers are required to make their own arrangements in this regard.
  • Arrive at least two and a half hours before your flight.
  • Expect your temperature to be checked several times –  and before boarding.
  • Only business travellers will be allowed entry to terminal buildings.
  •  Expect the plane to be totally full – domestic airlines can fly at full capacity.
  • Bring your own reading material as none will be provided.
  • There will be no rush to board. Expect to be loaded on in sections and the buses, where provided, will not operate at full capacity.
  • The last row has to be reserved for “suspected cases” of Coronavirus infected passengers. [It is unclear how they will have been able to get on board due to the temperature and other screening].
  • Following international trends passengers will not be encouraged to move around the cabin whilst in flight.
 * Whilst there seems to be no mention of the separate letter to be provided by employers in the Lockdown Level 3 Regulation, it seems an easy ask and is probably a great idea for all travel between provinces. 


Contrary to widespread mis-understanding and confusion,  the Lockdown Level 4, and  Lockdown Level 5, Regulation Essential Service Certificates of Record as issued by the CIPC “are not needed for Lockdown Level 3”.  

The S. A. Government Bizportal website has the following notice:

Consequently this document will seemingly not be accepted as a valid supporting document for travel.

Inter Provincial Busines Travel Permit

If you require an Inter Provincial Travel Permit in the Prescribed Lockdown  format, click the button below.

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