“Mobile First World” – It’s Time to Improve Your Consumers’ Experience

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From fat monitors to ultra-sleek laptops and from laptops to portable mobile devices, the technology evolution in continuing at pace. The simple fact is that – the web (as we know) is getting replaced by mobile apps. We are actually living in a “Mobile First World”. This very term indicates a business strategy that assumes tablets, smartphones, and other task-specific apps are employees’ fundamental tools for getting work done. The approach may accommodate traditional desktop computing. However, it does so in such a way that fits the more flexible and task-specific work styles of the mobile era.

“Mobile First World” – It’s Time to Improve Your Consumers’ Experience

Do your consumers expect their favorite brands to efficiently present themselves on a mobile platform? As business owners, marketers, or mobile designers — are developing mobile apps really necessary? Rather, is it just enough to develop websites for mobile browsers?

Well, right from the insights of the consumers, clients, and other commercial perspectives, it’s pretty clear that mobile is a way forward. Most of your customers today use several portable handy devices (such as tablet and smartphone) and each device really has a particular role based on what your consumers are seeking. Hence, retailers and brands should have a deep and sound understanding of the consumers’ needs to build an optimal content and intuitive user interface in order to meet their requirements for each device.

Thus, “Mobile First World” for a brand, content provider, product, service or solution means that an effective mobile strategy should be accurately determined by properly knowing (understanding) which form can better serve your users’ needs.

Obviously, a well-built & great mobile app provides an exclusive opportunity for the brands to expand and improve the basic users’ experience. Mobile has made the world more local, personal, and social.

A native mobile app has the capabilities to collect relevant data, for example, consumer behaviors, locations, and preferences — & then use that valuable information in order to offer contextual yet meaningful solutions that make your users’ lives better and easier. This very idea doesn’t necessarily mean to merely have a mobile presence. Rather, it brings a thinking about if & how mobile functionality will strategically enhance your products, services or user experience.

“Mobile First World” – A Paradigm Shift (Few Statistics)

Many prestigious companies made their significant move on mobile-first trend awhile back. For example, Google has surfaced their mobile-first strategy in earlier 2010. As the users are increasingly shifting their consumption to mobile apps and mobile browsers, it seems pretty obvious that the services like Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, and Amazon now get most of their traffic merely from mobile.

The Final Words : The leading brands are driving a massive growth for their businesses today just by embracing these new mobile & cross-channel realities. Hence, the marketers are using new estimates and new technologies in order to make smarter decisions for driving stronger results. Rather than optimizing what they currently know, they’re constantly experimenting & innovating in order to discover what else can be done to drive results now as well as in the future.

The industry is already adjusting to this new revolution. Thanks to the brilliant video ad innovations which help the brands to find and connect with right customers.