Do I need a Share Certificate???

Share Certificate

The short answer is 


When do we need Share Certificates?  When conducting business (like opening a Bank Account  as you will be asked for this document as it shows the bank who owns the business) and  also when applying for Tenders/ Government or other Contract work.  Share ownership is vital when it comes to proving the Company’s B-BBEE Status. The more the shares are owned by Black people – the better the rating.


What is a Share Certificate? A Share Certificate is proof that a specific person, another  Company or Trust owns a certain number of shares in a business.



Who should get a Share Certificate? Share (or Shareholder) Certificates are issued to the Owners of a business.


What are Shareholders? The owners of shares are known as Shareholders. A Shareholder may have a share in the profit and may also share in the decision making process of the company. 


Who issues Shares? It is the responsibility of the Directors of a company to issue shares. The Directors can however  give this authority to someone else.


As you can see, Shareholder Certificates are VERY important documents and should be stored in a safe place.

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