What is a Tax Clearance Certificate?

Tax Clearance is a confirmation from SARS that a
business is tax compliant in South Africa.

The Tax Clearance serves as proof that your business does not have any outstanding
taxes at SARS and that all the company tax matters are up to date.

R1250 Once Off

Tax Clearance Advantages

  1. Tenders and Contracts:
    In order to apply for Tenders and Contracts you will need to have a Tax Clearance Certificate. It is a requirement for ALL Tender Applications
  2. Listing as a Service Provider:
    You will need Tax Clearance to be an approved supplier or service provider to other businesses and  government institutions.

Tax Clearance Requirements

  1. Tax Registration Number. If you do not have one, we can assist
  2. Your Company may not have any outstanding debts at SARS, or 
  3. No outstanding tax submissions. In need, we will quote to assist in resolving these matters.
  4. Company Registration (we can assist)

Tax Clearance Certificate

R 1250 Once off
  • Timeframe: 1 Week.
  • Our Professional Tax Consultant, has over 25 years experience and is Affiliated with both SAIT and SAIPA
(under 10 Seconds)